Commuting was the start. Point A to Point B, driven by necessity and the fastest way to and from. As trail riding took hold, it was the only means for a ride when Mother Nature turned soil into soup. With ever-increasing life responsibilties, it became a way to squeeze in miles and maintain fitness out of the table scraps that were left from the time on the day. Over the past few years, my personal experience with road riding has been on an upward trajectory. Cultivated, grown, and taken on new meaning. Miles planned and wondering what the ride will reveal instead of a means to an end. In fact, settings and everyday occurances taken for granted and dulled by modern conveniences, are now seen in a whole new light. Automobiles allow us to get to places quickly, but there are drawbacks. The feeling that you are watching the outdoors on a TV, behind the windshield, locked into a climate controlled, auditory adjustable capsule on wheels. Unattached, removed, and unaware. Zipping around on the land, instead of being in it. By putting yourself out on the road, you feel the contours, observe every change in the surface, notice the smells, find groundscores, and discover tangents missed in a passer-by blink of an eye. The latter being the crown jewel. Making that turn that sparked curiousity and watching it all unfold around you. The elements also play a role in finding one's true grit and determination. The wind, rain, cold, heat, snow, are an active participant in all of it instead of an observer. Whether it be paved, dirt, bushwack, or a mix of all, we all have overlapping experiences. In the end, categorically, it doesn't matter. It boils down to just riding bikes and the journey. The following brief collection of images are testament to a new understanding of the once dreaded road ride. SEEK > FIND > RIDE.

Searching for solitude on a hundo through the pines.

Not planned, but a welcome suprise in Chester Springs, PA

Abandoned sand quarry turned into a scene from Road Warrior

Port Royal in Philadelphia will knock you down a few pegs even on a sunny and dry day.

Roll of the dice

Nature boy